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Best solar bird baths and fountains

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Solar bird baths are a great alternative to standard electric bird baths or

the simple you-fill, standing water bird baths. They save electricity which is good for the environment and your wallet and provide clean, running water that attracts more birds. Below are some favorite

bird bath solar fountain


bird baths and fountains among bird watchers.

The only disadvantages of a solar vs. an electric powered bath or fountain is that it requires direct sunlight and may not be as powerful, however it is less noisy, more peaceful

solar fountain bird bath


and for those reasons is preferred. For those of you who live in not so sunny climes i.e., Seattle, there are solar bird baths that have both solar and

solar powered bird bath fountain


electric options so on cloudy days, you can just have it plugged in if there isn't enough sunlight to power it…See the Wishing Well Bath below.

Advantages of Solar Bird Baths:

Uses the sun’s energy instead of electricity – Ecofriendly and saves money

No extension cords or outlets needed – not limited to placement

No wiring, no operating costs, simply install, add water and enjoy!

How does a solar bird bath work?

A solar powered panel that either is placed inside the basin of the bird bath or a panel that lays just outside the baths collects solar energy from the sun during the day. That energy will power the

pump to keep the bird bath water circulated. Some solar powered bird baths can be damaged by cold weather, so during the winter months you may need to remove the solar insert and/or use it in conjunction with a

bird bath heater that keeps the water and unit warm.

Again, on cloudy days, there are those units that also feature an electric

option for plug-in power like the one featured below.

Solar Bird Bath with Optional Electrical Plug-In on Cloudy Days

The Wishing Well Solar Water Fountain is a nice choice because you have the electric option on cloudy days.

“I have had several other solar fountains and have found this one the best thus far. I love the feature that allows the motor to switch back and forth from

electricity to solar when the sun is obscured. Trickling sounds is very nice and attracts plenty of birds. I am thinking of getting a second one to go in my

front flower bed, also. Easy to assemble and easy to clean. Definitely a great value.” -Loaves

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