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Bird baths are an excellent way to bring a subtle change in beautiful wildlife to your garden without the worry of damaging any plants. The range of stone bird baths at Bents are excellent quality and

garden bird baths


add a wonderful charm to a garden, especially when placed in just the right place; hidden away for the birds yet visible for you and your guests. Bird Baths are also very low maintenance and often look better as the years go on.

bird bath garden ideas


A Range of Garden Bird Baths delivered FREE in the UKAt Bents we are a trusted family business, and offer a large range of stone bird baths for your garden with inclusive delivery within the UK! Our range is one of the most comprehensive and quality online, and we’re sure you’ll love all our designs, from traditional to modern. If you have any questions about the range at all, give us a call on 01942 266300 and we’ll be able to help.

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Types: Classic Bird BathsSome of our more classic bird baths are often the best value with a combination of simple design. They go well with the majority of gardens and are suitable for lawns, patios or stone garden placement.

garden bird bath


As well as classic bird baths we also have a range of carved stone bird baths, including the popular mini bird baths and owl family bird bath which add real character to a garden.

Types: Solar Powered Bird BathsWe also stock a range of solar powered fountains and water features, some of which are bird baths. These are popular with people looking to combine the cost of a water feature and bird bath in the same product with maximum convenience of using solar power.

Top Tip: Positioning of Bird BathsIt is important to position your bird baths in the correct place to ensure the safety of the birds, to ensure they will feel comfortable using it, and also to ensure you can see them! As a general rule situate the bath somewhere the birds have clear visibility of it, but also be aware of bird of prey “ make sure it is situated near cover if the birds bathing are alarmed.

Full details of positioning can be found in this very helpful advice from the RSPB.

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