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Broken bird bath? plant it! – empress of dirt

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Water plants (water hyacinth for this one) and a gazing ball turn this bird bath into a container garden pond. This post has instructions for making your own garden pond including everything you need to know about pumps, plants, and pond fish.

bird bath planter


You might want to add a little solar-powered recirculating pump to keep the water clear.

3. Broken Bird Bath Bowl Planter

Some bird baths crack along the sides of the bowl, others break off from their stands. Make lemonade from lemons and use the bowl as a succulent planter.

small bird baths


4. Leaky Bird Bath Planter

This is one of the most beautiful bird bath planters I have ever seen. Barb of Our Fairfield Home and Garden converted this leaky old bird bath into a work of art. See her blog post here for specific details on the plants used.

bird bath agitator


5. Bird Bath Rock Garden

A few succulents, rocks, and decorative snail fill this bird bath planter. If you want something you can keep out year round, leave out the plants or just add them in small pots that you can remove before winter.

redneck bird bath


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  • 6. Bird Bath Fairy Garden
  • Here’s another creative by Barb of Our Fairfield Home & Garden. She found the bird bath in the garbage and brought it home for a makeover. See her post here for details on how she did it.

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  • 7. Bird Bath On A Pedestal
  • This one is not planted but it offers a good idea: prop a bird bath up to the height that works in your garden bed. Then plant it with something eye-popping to create a focal point.

    8. Miniature Rock Garden

    Lynne of Sensible Gardening & Living created this miniature garden when her concrete bird bath developed a crack that could not be repaired. Visit Lynne here to read the details.

    9. Hypertufa Bird Bath

    I’m not sure of the story behind this one (I saw it on a garden tour) but it looks like the bowl was made from hypertufa and set on an old pedestal. Perhaps it was always intended to become a planter as it’s way too deep for birds. Set in the middle of the ornamental grasses, it makes a great art piece.

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  • 10. Gazing Ball Planter
  • Plants such as thyme (warm, dry conditions) work well in these planters.

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  • 11. For The Roses
  • Sometimes no plants are needed. This bird bath looks fine just as it is. Tuck it under a tree (or climbing rose) to keep it from filling with rain.

    12. Words In A Bird Bath

    The words on stones just don’t add an artful touch: they also keep the water shallow which is much safer for the birds.

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  • 13. Succulents and Stones
  • Stephanie of Garden Therapy gave her entire backyard a makeover, taking her time to create a beautiful outdoor living space. Come see how this bird bath planter fits in.

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