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Build a backyard birdhouse

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This is a fun Project-so fun that it’s hard to say who benefits more from it: the bird or the builder. You can let your imagination run and experiment with a variety of materials, shapes and designs. You only need to follow a few parameters (see chart below) that are specific to the bird species you’re trying to attract. Follow the clear how-to photos and study the drawing and the cutting list to build our project exactly, or personalize it with the details you want: a stone chimney, some shutters or cedar shingles.

metal bird bath


Most any softwood (pine, cedar, cypress, redwood, fir) will work for your birdhouse. We used pine for the walls and base, exterior fir plywood for the roof, and birch square dowels (available at home centers or hobby shops) as well as birch dowel pins for porch balusters.

metal bird baths


We used simple tools to build this project. You’ll notice the 1×8 pine boards are actually 7-1/4 in. wide but need to be 7 in. wide for this project. If you don’t have a table saw to rip them to this narrower width, have the lumberyard rip them for you and then cut the lengths at home with the simple tools shown.

metal bird feeder


Sizing for certain birds

Just as with people, one house doesn’t fit all. In fact, many bird species don’t use houses at all but nest on branches or groundcover. Birds that use hollowed-out cliffs, tree trunks or birdhouses, however, are called cavity dwellers. They come in all sizes.

metal bird feeders


The size of the entry hole and size of the interior room can make a huge difference in the type of bird your house will attract. (See Ā«Basic Birdhouse DimensionsĀ» below.) We’ve sized this birdhouse to fit a variety of smaller bird species. To attract very small birds like nuthatches, bluebirds or chickadees, you may want to make the floor area a bit smaller by gluing an extra piece of wood to the front interior wall of the birdhouse and another on one side. A smaller interior is not as hard for a bird to fill with nesting material.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need to maintain your birdhouse by cleaning it after the nesting season. To make this as easy as possible, we’ve included a sliding rear door held in place with small hook-and-eye latches. Just lift the latch and slide the door to the side to remove the nest and wipe out the inside.

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