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Caring for your bird bath outdoor fountain

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If there is one activity sure to bring a smile of delight to any gardener or nature buff it is bird watching. These delicate creatures can be surprisingly hearty, fierce, and amusing, and the addition of a birdbath fountain tends to attract an even wider array of visitors to any spot.

birdbath fountain


The reason that a bird bath fountain increases the number of feathered visitors to an area is due to the fact that birds love the availability of clean and fresh water “ which is something readily created through the aeration that happens in a fountain, but they also appreciate splashing or moving water too. Gardeners who add even a small, free-standing birdbath find that they will be able to see more varieties of birds than ever before, and all without the concerns often connected to bird baths alone.

fountain birdbath


For instance, many wildlife and gardening enthusiasts find that they are in a constant battle with mosquitoes and insects that like the standing water of a traditional bird bath, but a fountain prevents such a thing from occurring.

solar birdbath fountain


It is important, however, to consider the design and features of any bird bath fountain before jumping into the investment. For one thing, some models require a supply of electricity to function, and this is something that most gardeners should avoid. For one thing this would mean positioning the fixture close to a house or power supply, which can serve as a deterrent to some bird species. Additionally, if running a long extension cord is the solution, then tending the lawn or garden could lead to damage to the cord or to the person who trips over it, or hits it with a lawn mower.

solar powered birdbath fountain


Fortunately, there are birdbath fountains that come with built-in solar panels that allow the owner to position them wherever they would like “ as long as the panel receives adequate sunlight throughout the day. Often the pumps are gentle enough to create the appealing tinkle of water so popular with the widest array of birds, but can also prevent any algae or stagnation from occurring.

Most of the solar pumps will not be able to function in freezing weather, which means that the owner or gardener will need to remove the pump mechanism and the solar panel before any hard freezing occurs. Additionally, most solar powered pumps must never be run without water as well, and this means that a regular bit of maintenance should be provided in order to keep the resident birds well-supplied with drinking and bathing water.

Adding a bird bath fountain to a yard or garden is a great way to create a place of relaxation and comfort for yourself and for the many winged (and even some furry) creatures who share your neighborhood.

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