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How to repair a cracked concrete bird bath

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Epoxy cement

  • Scrub brush
  • Clean cloth
  • Bucket of soapy water
  • Small trowel or putty knife
  • Step 1 – Purchase Your Epoxy Filler
  • At your local hardware or home repair store, purchase an epoxy mixture that can be used to fill cracks in cement. You’ll find several types of these epoxies that will work well on concrete. However, if after examining the epoxies, you find you are still unsure about which ones will work best on your concrete bird bath, ask a clerk for his recommendation.

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    Step 2 – Drain Bowl and Unplug Electrical Fixtures

    Before you can begin to repair cracks in your concrete bird bath, you must first drain it of any pooling water, then unplug any electrical wiring or fixtures that may be connected to the bowl.

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    Step 3 – Clean the Bowl

    Before you apply your epoxy, you must remove any leaves, dirt and debris in the bowl, then thoroughly clean the bowl by using a scrub brush and soapy water.

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    Step 4 – Dry the Bowl

    Once the bowl is completely cleaned, dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth. It must be completely dry. Otherwise, the epoxy will not adhere properly.

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    Step 5 – Mix the Epoxy

    Follow the manufacturer’s directions to mix the epoxy. Generally, epoxy is mixed in two parts. Make sure it is mixed thoroughly.

    Step 6 – Fill the Cracks

    Using a small trowel or putty knife, place a small amount of your mixed epoxy onto the trowel or knife. Then, slowly and carefully work the epoxy into the cracks. Make sure that you completely fill the cracks so that there are no spaces left unfilled, and then smooth uneven edges.

    Step 7 – Allow Your Bowl to Dry

    Epoxy usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to dry completely. Be sure to allow it to dry completely before you begin your next step.

    Step 8 – Fill Your Bowl with Water

    Once the epoxy has dried, fill the bowl with water and test it to determine whether the cracks are sealed properly and that the bowl is no longer leaking.

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