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Hummingbird bath in a sprinkle of water- joy unmasked

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The end of February is almost upon us, Jewelry Fans,В and I am living vividly through each and every moment of this fast and furious month. Since the end of the Gem show I have exhibited at two events in and around Tucson under perfect skies and high 70’s temperatures. Please don’t hate me because the weather here is amazing. All things come and all things go, this weather will slowly evaporate into the sweltering near 100 degree days of late April and May. Sigh. But it is beautiful now, and that is where my focus is. The future is yet unwritten and who knows what treasures it will hold? Today’s treasure isВ a hummingbird taking a fresh water bath in the sprinkle of water from my drip system underneathВ the wild boughs of myВ desert willow. В What a treat!

bird baths with running water


These beautiful, flutteringВ companions often catch my eye as they pollinate my dearВ desert willow. I have a sneaking suspicion that my neighbors do not love my uncut- unshaped- unrestrained tree, but I have a secret space in my heart for wild things, and my dear desert willow has takenВ root therein.В Wild things have an explosive Joy and immediate Presence in them. The beauty and shade of my dear wild desert willow attracts birds and butterflies, and even rabbits to rest underВ her graceful extensions. В The accompanying hummingbirds are tiny miracles of movement to me- a lightweight, agile, acrobatic vessel of Joy. They move about the brightly colored blooms of the Southwest and are sparkling glimmers of jewel toned happiness as they do what they do best- hummingbird style. Thank you, Universe, for hummingbird style.

solar light bird bath


The question becomes, what Joy do I bring to my work? What do I do best? What, Universe, is Margaret Aden style? What sense of movement, of freedom, of newly discovered jewels are unearthed through my jewelry, Jewelry Fans? In a society where we are thankfully past the hunt-and-gather-to-survive mode, what else is reaching through my work to be meaningful and important? In my last posting we proved that each of our work products has a sliver of the Divine in them, and now, how to prove that there is Joy as well? I think those of you whom I’ve met On the Road, can attest to the fact that my work has a resonance, a calmness to it, dare I say, Joy? Which is sooooooo very funny, because I am a bit south of Calm on the personality scale. Committed, Courageous, Crazy might be words used for me, but Calm?? Ummmm, no way, butВ Joy? I hope so, let’s meet up out there, On the Road, and you can tell me, wherefore art the Joy in my work. Deal?

bird water heater


I am finished withВ the draining struggle for preeminence, jockeying for position, and down right fear basedВ decisions that can accompany The Road of being an artist. With over 6 billion human souls on the earth and countless billions of other living creatures- desert willows, hummingbird, rabbits and butterflies to name a few- the concept of “New”В must be questioned. Beyond “New” what I want to impart to you, Jewelry Fans, is the unmasked Joy of a Hummingbird, taking a freshwater shower in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Immediate. Present. Uncontrived. Executed Perfectly.

squirrel bird bath


Joy. Centered Presence. Intentional Abundance.

Let’s go for it, Jewelry Fans!! What do we have to loose? Fear? Anxiety? Less thans??В  Forget about it- we are all more than we know.

hummingbird bath


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