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Mosaic solar birdbath with metal stand

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Bring out the art lover in you with the Mosaic Solar Birdbath. Aside from serving as an ideal watering hole for fowls, this solar water feature boasts a mosaic made out of tiles that will surely appeal even to aestheticians.

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• Give gardens, patios and balconies an artistic touch with the Mosaic Solar Birdbath

•Holds water in a large, ceramic bowl that with hand laid tiles that form a mosaic

• Uses a low-voltage water pump to continuously recycle water from a hidden reservoir to its bowl

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• Draws power from the sun using its underwater integral solar panel

  • • Works during the day only
  • • Metal stand included
  • • Birdbath is approximately 20.75″ Diameter x 28.75″ High

    • Simple and easy set up due to the absence of wiring

  • • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Get a birdbath that’s not just for the birds with the Mosaic Solar Birdbath. With the way the tiles on its ceramic bowl are arranged, even art lovers will appreciate this solar water feature. This solar fountain for gardens, patios and decks banks on an underwater integral solar panel to collect solar energy, which will power the Mosaic Solar Birdbath’s low-voltage water pump. Once its up and running, the water pump will constantly recycle water from a hidden reservoir to the ceramic bowl at a steady pace, creating an ideal watering hole for fowls and a relaxing atmosphere in the area where this solar powered birdbath is installed. Speaking of install, that’s something that comes easy for the Mosaic Solar Birdbath. Devoid of wiring, you’ll barely break a sweat when setting up this product.

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