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Solar powered bird baths have brought new life to the term bird bath. They are truly portable and don’t require an electrical outlet to operate. New lightweight materials, consisting of fiberglass and resin components mean they can easily be moved from one location to another. These composite materials also open new design possibilities. They can be molded to incorporate the classic look of marble, granite, stone or ceramic, and present incredible opportunity to incorporate detailed ornamentations.

solar bird bath


You will love these solar powered bird baths. Enjoy as the sun powers the solar pump and keeps water moving to prevent water from stagnating and the birds will instantly be drawn to the moving water and wonderful water sounds.

solar bird baths


Solar Power Lets You Put Your Bird Bath Anywhere in Your Back Yard

These solar powered bird baths are quickly emerging as the most innovative products in outdoor living. Long-corded solar panels can be placed in any sunny environment, while the birdbaths themselves are positioned yards away while others have the panels built right in the top. While some solar pumps operate only during the day, the solar on demand pumps feature a battery backup that stores energy for up to 6 hours of nighttime pleasure.

bird bath heater solar


Like all bird baths and fountains, weekly cleaning helps ensure a pleasant experience for our feathered friends. They can be quickly drained and wiped with dish soap and a soft cloth. (Make sure no soap residue remains in the fountain). Always check the pump while cleaning, to ensure that no algae are beginning to grow in the tube. Algae treatments are affordable and desirable, should this condition begin to present itself. Fortunately, fiberglass fountains are not prone to lime scaling, but should this condition occur, lime cleaners and a nylon toothbrush can be safely used.

solar powered heated bird bath


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