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Brackets for hanging bird feeders with cast iron brackets, heavy duty brackets and iron.

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Place a set of cast iron brackets on your house wall or fence for hanging bird feeders. We have heavy duty cast iron brackets for your garden that will blend in with the surroundings wonderfully. With a heavy duty bracket this will insure it can hold a huge amount of weight to unsure extra strength for your garden birds. Wall mounted brackets pretty much hang anywhere including a tree branch or a garden fence. Our brackets come on flat black or a nice green to match the greens in your garden.

bird feeder project


1. Chapelwood Bird Feeder Hanging Wall Bracket by Solus Garden and Leisure Ltd

Price: f2.99

Solid construtuion hanging wall bracket finished in solid black.

  • 2. Large S Hook Feeder by Gardman
  • Price: f3.99
  • For hanging feeders from tree branches and garden structures. Also ideal for displaying lanterns and garden ornaments.

    huming bird feeder


  • 3. Heavy Duty Feeder Bracket by Gardman
  • Price: f3.29
  • Strong enough to old the heaviest of bird feeders. Weight capacity upto 3kg. Elegantly curved arm made from robust square section rod.

    goldfinch bird feeders


    4. Heavy Duty Hanging Basket Bracket for 14″ Baskets by Tenax

    Price: f3.49

    Heavy duty and decorative hanging basket and bird feeder bracket from Tenax.

    5. Heavy Duty Hanging Basket Bracket for 16″ Baskets by Tenax

    Price: f3.79

    Heavy duty and decorative hanging basket and bird feeder. Suitable for baskets up to 16″ diameter.

    6. Cast Iron Bracket – Bird – Silver – Single by Watsons

    Price: f9.00

    Add a bit of fun to your garden with these novelty hanging basket brackets.

    7. Cast Iron Bracket – Bird – Gold – Pack of 2 by Watsons

    Price: f15.00

    Made from cast iron they can be mounted on walls and fences.

  • 8. Large Decorative Bird Feeder Bracket by Gardman
  • Price: f2.89
  • Perfect for hanging all types of bird feeders but compliments Gardman branded feeders well.

  • 9. Hanging Basket Bracket by Gardman
  • Price: f3.99
  • Tested to 20kg, this bracket is suitable for hanging baskets measuring 30cm to 35cm in diameter. Made in a clean and attractive swirled design.

    bird feeder brackets


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