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Diy squirrel feeder (mason jar)

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Do not feed the squirrels. Yeah, we feed those little rodents. I KNOW we probably shouldn’t… but it’s pretty cute to watch. They pretty much rule our neighborhood and I’m 90% sure they are living in the attic of our separate garage (darn them). We still feed them. They terrorize our bird feeder and squeak angrily at my Chihuahua (I believe they think he is a giant squirrel). We still feed them.В Mostly because it’s fun for the kiddo. Each day we bring out the peanut jar and sprinkle them around the yard and hide them on the fence… then wait for them to show up and we watch them from the window. It’s our thing. NOW we have a cute little jar to hide nuts in. I like that it’s a glass jar (easier to spy on them while they eat).

squirrel feeder diy


I made it in about 20 minutes. I had a wide mouth jar (with a 3 inch opening), an old serving fork, and some wire. Sooooo, this squirrel feeder was FREE, minus the small price for peanuts. Yeah… it cost peanuts (I’ll be here all night).

squirrel chair feeder


I wrapped the wire around two spots on the jar and secured the fork. Simple simple. Secure the feeder to something that’s easy to reach… a fence? A tree? Hmmm? I wired ours onto a fence post (within view from our living room… so important).

bungee squirrel feeder


Fill that jar with squirrel treats, and we’re done

I can’t wait to snap a photo of those naughty little squirrels getting into the jar. We also have a TON of blue jays… and they love those peanuts. The crows might even try and get in on this. All super entertaining for us… because that’s EXACTLY what I made this jar for: pure entertainment. Ha!

fun squirrel feeders


Annnnnd, in case you’re curious… our squirrels are a bit chunky (they eat from ALL the bird feeders in the neighborhood).

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