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Green esteem 60501 36-inch extended reach deck hook

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The Extended Reach Deck Hook is specially designed to hang bird feeders outward and off your deck. This hook extends 36 inch and keeps your deck surface clean of spilt bird seed and bird droppings. The extended design also means you never have to worry about your hanging item colliding with your deck railing. The clamp-on hand knob makes installation easy: simply tighten the hand knob against any deck rail up to 2 in thick and installation is complete. For added stability, install a wood screw into the deck rail through the hole on the clamp. The hand knob makes it easy to swing the extended hook towards you for easy cleaning and filling of your bird feeder.

deck mounted bird feeder pole


  • Great Features:
  • Hook holds up to 15 pounds.
  • Easily swing arm 360 degrees to place your bird feeder in a perfect viewing position.

    Durable steel construction and weather-resistant finish.

  • Pole is 1/2″ diameter cold rolled steel.
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Jet black finish.
  • Feeders that set the Standard
  • At Green Esteem, we take innovative technology and high-tech production seriously “ this has allowed us to output new, exciting, high-quality products season after season.

    bird feeder deck hook


    Hiatt manufacturing’s tradition of quality customer wire-forming has made our transition into the Lawn & Garden and Birding industries a smooth one. We’ve quickly become recognized for the unmatched versatility, durability and cohesiveness of our products.

    bird feeder pole for deck


    Above all else, our products are known for their superior quality. They are designed to last through years of use. Rust- and scratch-resistant, each product’s polyester powder-coating ensures it will be as beautiful at the end of the season as it was the day you bought it.

    We only use the highest-quality materials and design our products using a larger diameter steel. These steps prevent the product from bending under the weight of heavy items or hanging plants. It also helps the products stand up to harsh weather conditions without becoming bent or misshapen. «People-friendly» and «Easy to install» are two additional phrases often used to describe the Green Esteem line.

    Features Easily swing arm 360 degrees to place in perfect viewing position.

    Durable steel construction and weather-resistant finish.

  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Jet Black finish.

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