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Hurley-byrd how-installing a large pole mounted bird feeder

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I am also testing some new all cedar mounts (compared to our hardwood mounts) for the feeder and the tray plus the tray itself is an odd size

bird feeder pole with squirrel baffle


The tray is actually shorter than usual but is extra wide.

I am looking for a little more seed to fall to the ground from the ends of the feeder and wish to catch more from the front and back

post mounted bird feeders


My hopes are to spread the ground feeding birds to the left and right and catch even more seed from the feeder’s long sides

humingbird feed


Let’s get back to our set up.

This feeder weighs 18 pounds plus holds another 16 pounds of seed totaling 34 pounds.

In our part of the country, it is rare to receive great amounts of snow and my home sets deeply in the woods and is protected from heavy winds.

So, I plan to bury an 8 foot pole 24 inches and in most cases this will hold all of our feeders, less the extremely large ones.

If you have a smaller feeder, less depth is required while a larger one will require more.

One aspect that needs to be talked about is soil itself.

The soil I’m working with is a heavy clay base soil that holds poles very well.

If you have a soft loamy or sandy soil, you will need to bury the post deeper.

If the soil is a hard rocky one, less depth may be required.

As noted, if you have any concerns about your soil’s holding capability, dig deeper or mount the post in concrete..

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