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Metal Cage Feeders

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders that have a metal cage around the seed container are becoming very popular. Essentially these type of feeders consist of a tubular feeder which has an extra cage around it. The cage is designed to allow the birds to reach the seeds with their beaks with the distance between the wires small enough to prevent squirrels from reaching the seeds.

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Duncraft 171 Squirrel Proof Selective Feeder

This Duncraft Squirrel Proof Selective wild bird feeder holds about 1-1/2 lbs of mixed seed. 10° diameter wire fenced area keeps out larger birds and squirrels. 15-1/2° tall with 6 feeding stations. The wire base on this feeder allows discarded seed to fall to the ground, keeping squirrels off the feeder, and attracting more ground-feeding birds. The feeder contains seed in a 15-1/2-inch recycled polycarbonate tube. Birds perchon six metal seed ports to eat. A metal cage-style casing surrounds the tube, keeping pests away by allowing only small birds to pass through the gaps in the casing to dine. A metal cap tops the feeder to thwart damage from eager claws and teeth and Duncraft’s squirrel-lock secures the tube inside.

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Gardman BA01276 Squirrel Proof Cage Seed Bird Feeder

If you’re battling pesky squirrels, then this Squirrel Proof Feeders is for you. It’s guaranteed to defeat those determined bird seed raiders. It has a simple yet very effective mechanism that uses gravity to protect feeder contents. When the squirrel tries to climb on to the feeder from above, the body weight of the squirrel lowers a protective sleeve, which covers the feed. The feeder has two perches and two feeding ports with a clear polycarbonate tube. The quality feeder is manufactured from strong stainless steel and aluminum, the sharp teeth of a squirrel do not stand a chance against the cage. There is a strong steel hanger and suspension clip that comes with the feeder.

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