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Whats best gold finch feeder?

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I had two tube feeders that were destroyed by squirrels (thank you, WBU, for your lifetime quarantee) and am now using a metal mesh feeder. I tend to use a blend of nyjer and small sunflower chips, which is why the squirrels went after the tube feeders. Based on the activities in my yard, the sparrows and house finches preferred the tube feeders and would chase away the goldfinches. The sparrows and house finches don’t seem to like having to cling to the metal mesh so they don’t visit the mesh feeder as much as they did the tube feeders. However, the Downy woodpeckers really like the metal mesh feeder and have a much easier time feeding from it than they did from the tube feeders with the perches. They’re very entertaining to watch as they circle around the mesh feeder picking out the sunflower chips.

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As for the goldfinches, I haven’t noticed much of a difference between their visits to the mesh feeder compared to the tube feeder. I had eight-hole tube feeders so as long as the sparrows and house finches weren’t chasing them away, the goldfinches would be plentiful on the tube feeders. I’ll see maybe two or three at a time on the mesh feeder, as long as the Downies aren’t feeding. After a rain, I’ll shake the mesh feeder to loosen up the wet seed and break up any clumps. This also helps to get the seed poking out through the mess so the goldfinches and Downies have an easier time feeding.

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The fact that I use a nyjer / sunflower chip blend that atracts the Downies as well as the goldfinches would have me favor the mesh feeder. If I went with a straight nyjer feed that only attracted golfinches, the tube feeder might be the better choice based on ease of maintenance and protecting the seed better. Hope that helps. Sorry to be long-winded.

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