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Bluebird house, eastern bluebird houses at the backyard bird company

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Bluebird houses are largely responsible for bringing bluebirds back from a drastic decline in the species. A national campaign initiated by the North American Bluebird Society enlisted the help of thousands of conservation-minded individuals to put up and monitor bluebird nest boxes. They studied the house design and carefully refined it. Next, strategies were developed to maximize the effect of using the new designs to provide manmade habitat for a species that had lost their natural living spaces to human development. Then thousands of people signed on to participate in the effort and erected bluebird houses or bluebird trails of their own to monitor regularly. The result is the biggest conservation success and extinction reversal in history. Our bluebird houses are designed to attract Eastern bluebirds specifically, we do also have bluebird house for the Western and Mountain Bluebird. Our bluebird houses come with certain standard features, such as interior dimensions, ventilation, and drainage, which are required to earn the North American Bluebird Society’s seal of approval. Some bluebird houses have specially designed entrances to keep out predators and sparrows (who will often take over bluebird houses for their own nests.) Observation or “viewing” houses feature polycarbonate panels that allow you to safely view nests.

purple martin bird house


We also have sets of Eastern bluebird houses sold at special price breaks to encourage you to put up your own bluebird trail. For further information on establishing and monitoring a bluebird trail, please visit The North American Bluebird Society.

blue bird house


Bird houses in many gardens food for small birds may be plentiful but good nesting sites are few and far between

wild bird houses


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