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Free bird house plans

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License Plate Bird House

This bird house is simple and a good way to use up an old license plate.

Birdhouses from pallet wood

Pallets are often available free for the asking ? just dismantle them and build this birdhouse!

  • Building a Birdhouse
  • Several articles on birdhouse building.
  • Free Traditional Birdhouse Plan
  • Their simplest and least expensive project to build. Follow these detailed illustrated design plans and your birdhouse will be completed in about an hour.

    birdhouse plans


    Birdhouse This is another very simple project when pre-cut pieces are used.

    Build these 4 birdhouses

    Birdhouse styles are multiple family Martin bird house, ‘Mailbox Style’ birdhouse, southwest style birdhouse and another simple plan for a birdhouse.

    blue bird house plans


    Free Bird House Plan

    Use this free bird house plan to make a simple bird house from scraps of 1/2″ and 1/4″ wood.

    Woodpecker Bird House

    Plans for a bird house that has proper ventilation, removable bottom and easy for woodpeckers to get in and out of.? This birdhouse is designed to be attached to a tree and will provide a cozy home for a woodpecker in your area.

    free bird house plans


    Tall Wooden Birdhouse

    Build a birdhouse that is 10 inches tall on the front and back and 8 inches tall on the sides.? This birdhouse is adorable and is built using fence board; therefore it cost little to create. ?

    plans for birdhouses


    Wood Duck Nest Box Plan

    Here are complete instructions for building a nest box out of weather resistant wood and lined with galvanized sheet metal for protection from predators. ?Help protect wild life by building wood duck nest boxes using this plan.

    Nest Box Plans

    Instructions on a variety of nest boxes for different bird species can be found here.? ?All of the plans involve hardwood and other materials, for strong and sturdy construction.

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