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To begin your search, determine the following:

1) How much square footage do you need in your new home?

2) Do you want a one-story home or is your preference a 2 or 3-story home?

3) How many bedrooms and bathrooms will accommodate your family now and in the future?

4) What is your style preference in a new house? If you’re unsure, check out our Styles Information Page to help narrow down your style preferences.

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5) How many garage bays do you want?

And, 6) What is your total budget including land, interior furnishings and landscaping? Knowing this will help determine the size of your new home.

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Our Advanced Home Plan Search allows you to see specific house plans that meet your needs and preferences. Using our general search query at the top of the page gives you a wider selection of home plans to choose from and considering online house plans are easy to modify, this is your better search option. Also consider the following:

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Flexibility: Many of our plans have a flexible space that can be a 4th bedroom, so don’t rule out 3-bedroom homes when searching through our house plans if your preference is a 4-bedroom home.

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House Plan Modifications: Any of our plans can be easily modified and our home plan specialists can help you determine the best way to modify a plan to meet your specific needs. If this is the first time you’re building a new home, know that it’s quick and easy to make changes to our plans. Most basic changes can even be made direct by your builder unless your particular town has building/code restrictions. Having your builder make changes to your plans can save money on modification fees.

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Home Plans with Photos: You’ll find lots of the homes featured on our site are actual house plans that have been built with photos showing you how homeowners just like yourself modified our plans to meet their particular needs and budget. Click here to see hundreds of customer reviews of our house plans and to ensure you’re buying from a trusted company with the highest standards on the web.

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Use the following guides below to further refine key rooms to get your perfect solution:

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