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A house of the future you might actually want to live in

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The Months Room.Cristiano Corte/British Council

Properties modeled after “Months” could riseВ on unused lots away from city centers, near mass transit. Aureli and his teamВ envision cities using tax incentives to encourage developers to create housing in these zones, rather than using them for commercial purposes.

bird house on pole


Like “Months,” the other four installations in theВ “Home Economics” exhibition are namedВ for, and designed around, increments of time. “Hours,” for instance, envisionsВ what a shared home environmentВ would look like, if it one lived thereВ for no more than a few hours at a time. It is filled with simpleВ objects whose forms (modular daybeds) and functions (shared wardrobes) are transitory in nature. The “Days” exhibit explores the potential of portability, proposing strangeВ new types of personal spaces-two inflatable, wifi-connected spheres that can you can climb inside and roll around to new environments. ItВ suggests that you really can liveВ anywhere, as long as you can get online. “Years,” the least architectural installationВ of the bunch, is a shell construction that imagines a home built for profiteering, not living; it contains only those things necessary to qualify for a mortgage:В a roof, running water, electricity, a lavatory, and a basin-and spartan examples of each, at that.

beach house birdhouse


“We were surprised that that this was the first time housing had been explored through the lens of time,” notes Jack Self, one of the three curators of the British Pavilion. “People once worked in one place andВ lived in one home for their whole lives.В When you’re talking about a highly mobile, often precariously-employed populace who are constantly on the move, those models no longer work.”

The masterminds behind “Decades,” London architecture firm Hesselbrand, oversaw construction and design of each installation. «Our goal was to make immersive environments to explain an idea,» says Hesselbrand cofounderВ Magnus Casselbrant, pointing out how space-rather than lots of complex text-can speak for itself.

And while the collaborative spaces all evoke ourВ omnipresent sharing economy in their own way, don’t call them derivative of Airbnb.В Aureli says heВ prefers to think of “Months” as an idealisticВ experiment inВ communal living, not a get-richВ scheme.В “Sharing economy is a buzzword that becomes a way to make more money out of everything,” he notes. ButВ after the Brexit fallout, Brits mightВ consider all the money-making options they can get.

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