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How to draw a birdhouse, step by step, birds, animals, free online drawing tutorial

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I watched a few birds peck at an open area of dirt and grass hoping to find a worm or seed.

Since the birds are coming back I thought of a neat, and helpful lesson that might come in handy when creating new drawings for the upcoming warm seasons

bird house project


Here is “how to draw a birdhouse”, step by step.

I know that many of you probably love birds, and since I love drawing birds, what better way to create a happy environment than to make a tutorial on drawing a birdhouse

antique bird house


As you know birdhouses come in many, many different sizes, styles, shapes and forms.

These small miniature structures are built from wood, fiberglass, plastic, metal, and even straw ( believe me, I have seen them in straw)

luxury bird house


The house that I made for you all can be tweaked to your liking, and it can also be decorated, colored, and placed any way, or where you want.

I was going to draw a small bird standing on the perch, but then I thought that would just clutter the tutorial.

Surprisingly I enjoyed creating this design, and believe it or not, but this is my very first birdhouse drawing.

I do hope that you enjoy this lesson, and since I have submitted my tutorials for the day, be sure to come back tomorrow for more drawing fun.

Adios people and enjoy your weekend..

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