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I just had to let you know that I bought one of your delightful bird houses at the Guelph Farmers’ Market in February, put it up right away as you suggested – and yesterday, for the first time, I saw a little bird going in and out! I’m delighted to see that your beautiful little house has been adopted!

barn bird house


Thanks for making such a thoughtfully, carefully, environmentally-consciously designed home for our friends. It’s a pleasure thinking about your care and craft every time I look up at it.

bird house pictures


-Elise Houghton

This is so exciting watching this mother wren go back and forth feeding her babies. Not sure how many are in there. Hope to be in the yard when they leave. Thanks for excellent birdhouse.

-Maureen Murphey

I bought a birdhouse from you last year for my dad – he just sent me this picture. He loved his gift, so thank you!

-Andrea Crinklaw

It (the birdhouse) is being occupied at the moment by a pair of house wrens. The male comes early and places a few twigs in 10-12 nesting sites. When female comes she is shown all of them and she decides which one and then she finish the nest. I’m glad they picked yours. We have about 40 nesting spots. Thanks for the house, I like it and so do they.

-John Redden

I promised to send you a picture of the wren house I bought from you last year for my Mother’s 80th birthday. It did have a family of wren’s in it but next to impossible to get a picture of her coming in or leaving. I bought a second house from you for her friend. We will see if he gets wrens this year. Thank you again.

-Jane Cotter

Just wanted to let you know that I noticed a little Wren taking up residence in the birdhouse I bought from you. That was quicker than I expected. Less than a month. They seem to like it. Making quite a racket.

-Karen Durance

We have one of the pine houses and our little chickadees have moved in and are nesting. Last year we had a little house wren. We love the house, because it is so easy to clean and looks wonderful. They are practical, look great and weather well!

-Marilyn Fowler

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