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The most common types of backyard birds, such as the Wren, Nuthatch, Finch, Swallow, Downy Woodpecker and Chickadee will find the majority of decorative birdhouses perfectly suitable for making a home. However, for some species, the bird house has to be designed specifically to meet their individual needs.

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Houses For Picky Perchers

Purple Martin – Because Purple Martins like to nest in colonies, their homes are built with multiple openings and rooms. Choose an aluminum house for sunny regions and a wooden bird house for moderate climates. Purple Martin houses are best placed in a centrally located area of the yard that is at least 40 feet away from human habitats and trees.

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Flycatcher – Known for their aerobatic displays as they catch insects in the air, Flycatchers prefer high perches where they can easily spot and catch their food. Flycatchers appear to prefer houses with at least 1.6 inch entrance holes, but no bigger than 2 inches to prevent predator entrance. Position Flycatcher houses in an area where the flight path to the entrance will be unobstructed.

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Sapsucker – A member of the Woodpecker family, Sapsuckers need houses that are atleast 12 inches tall with no perches at the entrance holes as these would aid predators. The process of excavating cavities encourages nesting behaviors in woodpeckers, so stuffing the bird house about half full with wood chips will discourage other species while enticing Sapsuckers.

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