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Take & make bird house party favors for kids

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What do you give kids as a birthday party favor when it’s a princess party but you have girls and boys in attendance? My answer was Design Your Own Royal Bird Castle kits. I was inspired by the take-and-make craft that Lisa of Sweet Pop Studio created for the Rainbow Wishes party that I was involved with earlier this year. I loved the idea of supplying a complete kit to make a craft at home. After all, I’m all about encouraging creativity and letting kids explore different mediums. It was also a big bonus that I wouldn’t be sending the kids home with candy or dollar store trinkets. Sweet treats are usually a big part of my parties, so I don’t feel like it’s fair to send them off with even more sugar.

birdhouse wallpaper


When I saw the unfinished bird houses that resembled castle turrets, I was sold! It was just what I needed to tie in the princess theme while still keeping the craft gender neutral. For packaging, I purchased natural muslin drawstring bags and hand stamped them in a rainbow of polka dots to coordinate with our party. Each kit included the unfinished bird house, washable paint, glitter glue, a paintbrush, jewels, and garden embellishments. The tags were created by Phyllis, my partner in crime from Phyllis Sa Design.

inexpensive birdhouses


This craft could be great for a variety of ages, but ours were given out mostly to 3 year olds. If your guests are 3, you can expect the finished craft to look something like this:

unfinished birdhouses


There are about a million different ways you could put this favor together. I’ll share what I did below, but know that many items are optional and there are others that could easily be included in addition. Most of my supplies were purchased at my local Michael’s Craft Store, but I’ve provided links for your convenience. Have fun with it and the kids will too!

Bird House Craft Party Favors

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