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Butterfly conservatory

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Just a few minutes away from the spectacular falls, this glass-enclosed conservatory is home to over 2000 butterflies. Around 45 different species of butterflies can be found fluttering in this rainforest setting spread over 11,000 square feet. The exact number of butterflies and species fluctuate on a day to day basis. The tour to the conservatory starts with a short, introductory video about the butterflies and plants found here. After this, it’s time to explore the area and spot different species of butterflies as they fly all around you. The setting has a lovely pond, waterfall and a series of meandering pathways amidst the several tropical plants with lovely flowers.

butterfly conservatory niagara falls


Butterflies will land on you

It’s a delight to see the different colours and patterns on each type of butterfly. The best part about the tour is that you can actually get the butterflies to land on you. Some might be even willing to rest on your outstretched hand. There are some tricks if you wish to have these pretty creatures land on you. Wear bright clothes, dab on perfume, walk slowly and you will surely attract some pretty butterflies. Plates filled with fruits are kept at certain places to attract butterflies who like to feed on them and you can actually watch them doing so.

butterfly conservatory niagara


Exotic Species

Most of the butterflies have been imported from farms in tropical countries while some have been raised in a greenhouse behind the conservatory. The species found here include the Common Mormon, Small Postman, Blue Morpho, Monarch, Owl Butterfly, Banded Orange, Sara Longwing and several others. The tour not only entertains but educates– you with the life cycle of a butterfly as there is a provision to watch the metamorphosis process. At the Emergence window, you can actually watch the butterflies come out of the pupae, dry their wings and take their first flight. There are also displays and signs around the conservatory with information about these winged wonders.

niagara butterfly conservatory


The greenery and colourful butterflies provide plenty of photo opportunities. At the end of the tour, you can scout for mementoes and articles from the gift shop at the exit. Nature lovers will definitely enjoy spending time with these winged creatures in the tropical environment. Visiting the Butterfly Conservatory is a magical experience that will definitely delight you.

niagara falls butterfly conservatory


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