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Hello Friends,

It has been a long time of few to no posts from me… i know.

These days, i try to go for a walk every day (when my body doesn’t hurt too much), and when i do, i have whole stories writing themselves out in my mind. But by the time i make it back to write, my brain is too foggy to try to retrieve in the theme, let alone the details. i wish i had a way to record the thoughts in my head… as long as i had full editorial control of course. 🙂

butterfly com


Learning to live with bad injuries and Lyme Disease is forcing me to create and accept a “new normal.” It is hard for me i admit. i will feel mostly good for weeks on end and then seemingly out of nowhere, my pain skyrockets, my fatigue feels like i am constantly having to move through quicksand, and i consistently forget what i am doing while in the midst of doing it.

butterfly invertebrate


On the outside, people always say, “But you LOOK good!” Or, if they do see that i am overweight, struggling and in pain, then they say things like, “Well you just need to work out more, meditate, and think positive and you will be all good!” i know they mean well, but it is one of the harder parts of dealing with things people can’t see… it feels very disavowing of my experience… making me want to withdraw further and further from “society.” So that is a lot of what i have been doing.

transformation of a butterfly


i come out of my “cocoon” on occasion for various things and causes i care about, and each time i do, i think to myself. “i need to take photos to post and write about this!” and yet somehow i never do. i am always left so drained afterwards that it takes me weeks to recover and by the time i do, the moment has passed.

As of a few months back, i was incredibly blessed with the support of a wonderful new friend, sister spirit, and social media maven, Heather Kallevig who has reignited in me the the commitment to re-engage back in the world of social media. She has been helping me with all things that exist in this wild web world. She is an INCREDIBLE human being on SO many levels, and i can not sing her praises enough. So in lieu of shouting my gratitude to her from the rooftops, i am committing in my heart, to do my best to write a lot more about life, love, and all the things i care about… as well as to promote her far and wide, so that others looking for someone to help them get their message out into the world in a way that is engaging, carefully curated, and and filled with passion, will consider hiring her to be their social media maven as well.

As of the time of my writing (it is almost 1am where i am– can’t sleep) i realized i don’t actually have in front of me the links to connect you to her, but never fear, the links herein will soon appear!!!

  • i will write more soon. i promise. And when i give my word to something, you know i will keep it. 😉

    Love, Lyme Brain

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