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Added to the game files in the April 23, 2013 Patch. Added to drop in the April 25, 2013 item schema update. The Robo Community Crate Key that opens this crate was released in the May 17, 2013 Patch as part of the Robotic Boogaloo community update. Unlike previous event crates, Robo Community Crates are still dropping, but since June 3rd, 2013 they are set to drop much less frequently than standard crates. The Robo Community Crate has a unique sound effect played while being opened, identical to that of a Tank Robot deploying its bomb in Mann vs. Machine mode.

exercise pen


All items in the following list have a same chance of drop, except Pallet of Crates which can also be added to any item found inside.

x pen


  • Crate Series #58
  • Bolt Boy Bonk Leadwear
  • Bot Dogger Ye Oiled Baker Boy
  • Full Metal Drill Hat
  • Soldier’s Sparkplug
  • Steel Shako
  • Tyrantium Helmet
  • Bolted Birdcage
  • Electric Escorter
  • Filamental Firewall Helmet
  • Googol Glass Eyes
  • Metal Slug Plumber’s Pipe
  • Pyro’s Boron Beanie
  • Respectless Robo-Glove
  • Rusty Reaper
  • Scrap Sack Bolted Bicorne
  • Bolted Bombardier
  • Broadband Bonnet
  • Cyborg Stunt Helmet
  • FR-0 HDMI Patch
  • Pure Tin Capotain
  • Scrumpy Strongbox
  • Strontium Stove Pipe
  • Bunsen Brave
  • Gridiron Guardian
  • Titanium Towel
  • Tungsten Toque
  • Data Mining Light
  • Dual-Core Devil Doll
  • Plug-In Prospector
  • Teddy Robobelt
  • Texas Tin-Gallon
  • Timeless Topper
  • Byte’d Beak
  • Halogen Head Lamp
  • Mecha-Medes
  • Platinum Pickelhaube
  • Practitioner’s Processing Mask
  • Steam Pipe Titanium Tyrolean
  • Virus Doctor
  • Letch’s LED
  • Shooter’s Tin Topi
  • Soldered Sensei
  • Base Metal Billycock
  • Bootleg Base Metal Billycock
  • Megapixel Beard
  • Galvanized Gibus
  • Modest Metal Pile of Scrap
  • Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats
  • Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats
  • Battery Canteens
  • Pallet of Crates
  • or an Exceedingly Rare Robot-Themed Special Item!
  • All items above except Pallet of Crates, Battery Canteens or Miscellaneous items are also available in Unusual quality

    kennel panels


    cat cage


    cat crate




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