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All that you should know about the cord of wood

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After chopping the wood the heap of them must be laid in a special construction. How to make this construction and how is it called?

One cord of wood is a stack of firewood usually arranged in a particular order. Now the standard dimension is 3.62 m3 or 128 cubic feet of firewood.

1/4 cord of wood

It is made for warehousing and storage of firewood in the open air or under a shed, to get the wood dry up.

The most popular forms of a cord of wood

A standard way to build a cord of wood is to lay woods in stacks. This method is the most popular. Stacking allows you to fill the space effectively, but it is unstable in some cases. An alternative way of laying a cord of wood is a circular tower. Such cords of wood are characterized by high stability, even in strong winds.

cord of wood

How big is a cord of wood?

When starting to work many masters want to know 1 cord of wood dimensions.

A rick of wood can also be called a face cord of wood. In such case face cord of wood dimensions will reach 4ft tall and 8ft long.

No doubt, it also depends on the length of each particular piece of wood.  You can get 1/4 cord of wood if you buy a face cord of 12″ lengths. A face cord at 16″ would be about 1/3 a cord and a face cord of 24″ cuts is half cord of wood.

Nowadays it is acceptable to measure cords of wood in meters and feet. The standard dimension in meters is 3.62 m3 of firewood. If you are going to measure in feet, the standard dimension is 128 cubic feet of firewood or 4 feet x 4 feet x 8 feet, as you can see.

face cord of wood

How much does a cord of wood cost?

Now the cost of a cord of wood is ranged between 80$ till 150$. In some stores and markets a cord of wood cost can even reach 200$. It depends on many reasons. For example, the type of wood is the main factor in the value of firewood. The distance is also an important pricing factor. The general rule says: if you are close to the source of wood, the cost of cord of wood will be smaller for you and vice-versa. If you are ready to buy a cord of wood, check out the prices in the timber market shops. Find the most suitable and only afterwards order a cord of wood for your financial and living comfort.

half cord of wood

A cord of wood may become a real work of art

A properly built cord of wood is not just convenient, but it also has a nice look. If you have 1 cord of wood near your house, it’s not necessary to hide it in the backyard. Put it close to the barbecue area. It may be decorated and look unusual and funny. After all, a cord of wood is not just something separate. It is the thing, which is frequently associated with house and coziness.

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