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Do you Know why a Modern Man Needs Firewood?

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If you intend to do business on selling firewood, below you will find out who your potential clients are and how to start your own business in this field.

almond firewood

The tendency of transition to the origins of nature becomes fashionable. More and more people tend to stay away from large cities. They prefer to spend their free time in a country house with saunas. Of course, no one will argue with the following fact. It is easier and faster to buy wood instead of preparing it by yourself. Besides, there is one more factor that promotes firewood sales. High price of gas resulted in return to the usage of wood-burning fireplaces. Moreover, the transition to fireplaces as a type of heating has a shade of prestige and luxury. Even in modern times firewood business flourishes due to increased demand for wood.

firewood business

How to Start a Firewood Business

Special education isn’t required in order to be a successful seller of firewood. In this business you can meet mechanics and lawyers, doctors and professors. The business is simple enough and the range of potential buyers is large. Before starting a firewood business, you need to make a firewood business plan. You have to determine:

  • The type of activity (retail or wholesale);
  • The type of wood to be sold (chips, logs);
  • The source of supply.

selling firewood

If you want to make your business successful, you should observe some requirements.

  • Stable and excellent quality.

Sell the best wood that burns well.

  • The optimum combination of price and quality characteristics of wood.

The prices are kept within reasonable limits and affordable to customers.

  • Firewood delivery.

You should be able to deliver firewood to any address.

white birch firewood

To sum up, in order to determine what material to work with, it is necessary to examine types of wood, potential suppliers and prices. Chips are environmentally friendly, easy burning and generate much heat. The sale of such material can be carried out in the early stages of enterprise development. For selling logs you have to ask for permission for forest felling. You can also purchase such wood from local residents. You should also remember that hard-wooded species burn longer and release more heat. The greatest demand is for wood sawed in spring and dried in summer. The price of this firewood is higher. If the business operates well, you can start selling accessories and fireplaces.

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