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Firewood Holders for Various Needs in Household

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This article will tell you about a wide variety of choices and ideas available to you if you’re looking for a firewood log holder.

indoor firewood holder

Choosing a Firewood Log Holder

Firewood is a special product, which should be kept dry and away from the fire until you use it. It’s commonly used for fireplaces and barbecue, for wood-burning stoves and campfires. There are firewood stacking racks of various designs, which can be set in any suitable place you like. Such constructions will also help you organize and economize space. You can either keep firewood inside your house, near the fireplace, or you can keep it outdoors as well.

fireplace wood holder

A Firewood Holder Indoor

An indoor firewood holder should match the interior and take little space. A wood holder for a fireplace allows you to feed the fire right away, without going outside to get some more firewood. A fireplace wood holder can be an elegant element of design, for example, a construction of iron rings and spirals or an old-fashioned metal bucket. There are also steel wood holders supplied with three or more fireplace tools and decorated with various frames. Large oval copper tubs harmonize with fashionable fireplaces in large living rooms.

firewood holder indoor

A Firewood Holder Outdoor

An outdoor firewood holder is good for backyards and garden-sites. Stacking firewood outside in some special place could be a good alternative for just throwing or heaping it somewhere. Making firewood stacking racks is really easy. All you need is 4 posts, a board and nails. So, you can make the simplest construction for stacking firewood by yourself. However, you should think about weather conditions in the area, where you live. It’s not recommended to store logs and firewood in the open air during rains, storms or wet weather. Firewood racks with polyester covers would be a good choice for those, who use log holders for summer season only. They keep firewood off the ground and cover it from all the sides. Polyester covers can be stretched to the needed length.

stacking firewood

Smart-Holder Firewood Holder

This smart construction was developed in Sweden. It’s a lightweight device, which is not very expensive by the way. The claws firmly hold firewood of any size. With the help of this construction you can easily raise firewood off the ground when cutting it. The Smart-Holder can be easily assembled in a few moments, and it doesn’t occupy much space for storage.

Now, knowing all this, you are free to choose a firewood holder that will satisfy your needs and save some space.

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