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Firewood Storage Shelter Plans – Do It Yourself!

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If you are interested in firewood storage plans and want to build a storage facility for firewood by yourself, this article is worth reading.

firewood rack

Firewood is a pure, cost effective and healthy heat source when properly stored. Logs shouldn’t be piled directly on the ground. When you put your wood underfoot, it will get moist without air circulation and start to rot. All this will attract termites. To avoid it you can build your own storage facility which will allow you to enjoy each aspect of dry wood heating process.

firewood shed

A shed is one of the best ways to store your firewood. Stack your logs loosely in the shed to ensure air circulation. The simplest firewood shed plans include three sides and a roof. Floor installing is a good idea too. It will prevent moisture, critters and pests.

Firewood storage sheds are the best method to keeping your wood. Free firewood shed plans can be easily found online. It’s better to choose firewood storage shed plans, which come with profound construction directions and a sked of required materials.

firewood storage rack

Firewood Rack Plants – Build a Secure Storage for Your Logs

With the help of a firewood rack you can maintain your firewood dry and well organized. To build it you will only need some lumber, nails and any cutting tool. Firewood storage rack plans are quite easy. Start with a base and then build a frame to it. You can also add several support beams for added strength. Measure some pieces of lumber before you cut them. Join two pieces together with nails. Finally, apply several upright support beams fixed to the base and rack top.

firewood storage shed

Firewood racks can be either indoor or outdoor; they come in all sizes and shapes. Outdoor firewood rack plants are available in a wide range. Outdoor racks keep your logs off the soil. It will preserve them for much longer. You can also attach a cover to your rack that will preserve the wood dry. Select covered firewood rack plans with steel frame and waterproof cover. Give preference to easy installation.

Firewood processors are necessary for large logs cutting and splitting. These machines are pretty expensive; but you can construct your own processor and enjoy its benefits. Draw or purchase firewood processor plans, choose the key equipment and start your designing.

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