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Free Firewood: The Best Fuel for Your Fireplace

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If the heat source for your house is a wood stove or a fireplace, you should know the ways of getting firewood free of charge.

oak firewood

Ways of Getting Firewood At No Cost

Usually people buy fuel-wood from some forestry. It costs a lot of money and sometimes an unreliable woodcutter may sell you unseasoned firewood. It means that you could get this year’s wood which still contains humidity and which is hard to burn. That’s why it is important to have seasoned firewood which can give the best quality fuel. You can get high quality seasoned wood absolutely free from different nature sources. Some of these sources are:

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  1. Wind-fallen trees left after hurricanes.
  2. Many dead-trees which can be found in every forest. Also a lot of branches remain after pruning in autumn and early spring. For instance, apple trees and other fruit trees are often pruned.
  3. The third source of free fuel wood is a pile of wood gathered for burning as waste products. As a rule, when some territory is prepared for construction works all the trees within this area are cut.

Best Types of Firewood

Practically all kinds of wood are good fuel. Some wood burns better, some burns longer. One of the best fuel-wood is oak firewood. Oak wood has very dense structure. It means that it burn longer than many other types of wood. Also it releases more heat. It’s important to notice that oak logs should be stored not less than for one year to become completely seasoned wood. There are different oak species.

types of firewood

Red oak firewood is great raw-wood of high quality. Sometimes it’s not easy to split red oak wood when it is seasoned. Green wood is much easier to split because its fibers are not hardened in comparison with seasoned logs. White oak firewood obtains the same features.

Oak firewood for sale is usually sold by cords. For instance, one cord of split oak logs may cost approximately $280.  Companies mainly sell seasoned oak, and green wood is available upon the request.

Make Your Own Firewood Storage

white oak firewood

Firewood shed is an essential storage place for logs. You can buy a ready-made shed or construct your own with the help of free firewood shed plans. There exist wood storages of different sizes. Large woodsheds can be constructed with additional sections for woodworking tools and other garden tools. Firewood shed plans free, which are available online, have different modifications for any taste.

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