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How to Protect Your Firewood Properly?

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A good-quality firewood rack with a cover will really protect your logs from water, bugs and the toughest environmental changes. Would you like to ensure it? Look for more information in this article.

firewood cover

How to Choose the Best Firewood Rack and Cover?

The best firewood rack cover is that which keeps the top of the wood dry and ready to burn, provides a cross ventilation and allows a quick and easy access to seasoned firewood.

The full covers are offered in several sizes and are designed for use in extreme weather conditions. A perfect log rack keeps the firewood off the ground and away from any crawling bugs that may spoil the logs. It should be made of sturdy tubular steel and have solid fasteners. This construction must be strong enough to stack as much firewood as you can fit on it. A full cover is a must to keep the wood dry and safe.

firewood covers

Different Options for Firewood Rack Covers

If you decide to purchase a firewood rack and cover, you need to consider various options. The good examples for your choice are the following:

  1. The Panacea 4-Foot Deluxe firewood rack with cover is compact-sized rack which you can easily fit anywhere. Its sturdy steel construction makes it possible to store a big amount of firewood. The best part of it is its sturdy plastic cover which can completely provide a good shelter for the rack and leave some room for oversized logs.
  2. The ShelterLogic backyard covered firewood rack is another great option. It comes in different sizes of 0.7, 1.4 and 2.2 cubic meters. Apart from its functionality, it can add elegance and style to your home. Its cover can provide cleanliness and safety of your firewood against any accidental spills of water or other fluid.
  3. Landmann 8’ firewood rack with cover is great to store your firewood in a convenient place. This handy rack keeps the logs off the ground and includes a black waterproof powder-coat finish to prevent any moisture from getting into the wood.

You may consider any other variant. The main thing about it is its convenience and reliability.

firewood rack cover

Some Important Tips about Firewood Covers

Everybody knows that when the wood is newly cut it is considered “green” because it is too moist to burn efficiently. To make it burn well, you need to age it and make it dry as well as keep free from any excessive moisture such as snow, ice, hail, or rain. The best choice is to keep your firewood in a special room or woodshed. If it is impossible, you need to use a special firewood cover attached to a ready-made rack, or just make an effective firewood cover yourself.

If you consider purchasing a firewood rack and cover online, remember applying to an approved online retailer that can provide you with a good-quality product and a reasonable discount.

You may also choose to cover your firewood with a tarp which is always easier and much cheaper. The cost of a firewood cover tarp is really negligible, that is why you can take it off and back on as a temporary shelter without being afraid of damaging it any way. Besides, you can store a large amount of firewood and get to the stack more often in  deep winter.

Remember to tie down the tarp over the firewood stack by fastening a rope to the large wooden blocks or around the large stones. This will work against a strong wind which can damage the cover and penetrate into the stack.

firewood rack with cover

All in all, we hope you will feel comfortable during a long and cold winter season sitting relaxed in front of your fireplace with a cup of hot tea without worrying about the quality and safety of your firewood.

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