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Indoor Wood Burning Furnace: Cosy Warmth Inside Your Home

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In northern regions with cold climate wood-burning stove can be a perfect alternative to gas heating systems.

firewood holder indoor

It is explained by the fact that people have to take care of the heating of their houses for a longer period of time than habitants of areas with warmer climate. In addition gas heating is rather expensive nowadays, and a wood stove can help us to save a lot of money.

The installation of a wood burning furnace indoor is not a simple matter. Firstly, you must choose a proper place for installation. The basement floor may be a very good choice. Disposition of your firewood stove in this place will help you to get rid of smoke. Here you can also install the indoor firewood rack or even a large wood storage. Especially it is very convenient to use such storage in winter. Such disposition will rid you from the necessity to go out into the cold.

indoor firewood holder

A modern wood furnace is very safe and easy to use. It is equipped with a forced air fan which can immediately deliver heat. Special thermostat controls the environment temperature. Walls of the furnace are made of massive steel which provides good heat transfer. Every firewood stove is also equipped with easy removable ash pan.

Indoor Firewood Holder: Simple and Original Firewood Storage

In winter, when we actively use our fireplaces, we frequently have to take new firewood cords from our outdoor firewood shed. It may cause some discomfort, especially when the weather is terrible. Indoor wood storage can be much more convenient to use in this case. Among rich variety of firewood racks and holders you may choose the most suitable for your fireplace or wood-burning stove. It may be indoor storage in form of a log basket or steel construction of different size.

indoor firewood rack

We can single out three types of firewood rack indoor for convenience:

  • Simple wood holder
  • A log holder with separate kindling wood section
  • A large firewood rack with tool set

The first type of log holder is the cheapest one. The second log storage is a steel construction with additional section for small firewood, and sometimes it also has a separate newspaper holder. Simple wood holders form a vertical box for logs. indoor wood burning furnaceLarge firewood racks are multiple storages for small logs, big logs and kindling wood. A large firewood holder indoor also contains section for newspapers and tools holder. It may include such fireplace tools as a shovel, a broom, and a poker.

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