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The Essentials Of Proper Firewood Storage

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While keeping a stash of firewood for winter may seem an easy affair, there are many nuances one must address if one wants the wood to last long.

firewood sheds

Firewood has been the humanity’s primary source of heat for countless millennia. And for most countryside homes and many suburban homes, it still is. However, since firewood is usually bought or prepared to last the whole winter, proper storage becomes a high priority, lest the wood fall prey to rot or parasites. Here, we will look at a few simple firewood storage ideas.

firewood storage rack

Firewood storage sheds

A firewood storage shed is by far the best solution for outdoor firewood storage. There are quite a few firewood shed designs but the basic features are always the same. Firewood sheds are designed to keep firewood dry in unfavorable weather.

Some shed designs can even be used to season green wood. First of all, the shed must be conveniently placed, preferably not far from the house entrance, yet also not too close, so that there is less of a chance of carpenter ants, termites, or other parasites contaminating your house.

firewood storage shed

Make sure that the path to the shed is always in a good condition. Firewood should always be kept a few inches off the ground to keep the bottom layer dry. Make sure that the wood is properly stacked and that the air flows freely around all sides of the stack.

Most firewood sheds plans include three closed sides, a single-slanted roof sloping towards the back of the shed and the ground slightly sloping away from the shed. The open end of the shed should face away from the main wind direction. Those of you wondering how to build a firewood shed can find many free firewood shed plans online.

indoor firewood storage

Firewood storage racks

The firewood storage rack is the main device used for indoor firewood storage, though it can also be occasionally used to store wood outside, although a firewood shed is preferable in this case. Due to the fact that storage racks are mostly used indoors and are usually placed near the fireplace, a wide variety of designs is available.

Most indoor firewood racks are currently made of steel, as it is a sturdy and lasting material, which requires little to no maintenance itself. Indoor racks are generally quite small, only able to hold a few days worth of firewood at most.

outdoor firewood storage

Outdoor racks can be large enough to hold an entire cord of wood. Outdoor racks also need to have special covers to shield the wood from the elements. Those with at least some skills in carpentry can make their own rack – firewood storage rack plans are quite easily found on the Internet.

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