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What Is The Best Firewood? When Nothing Less Will Do

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No one likes it when they buy a couple cords of fire wood, or prepare it themselves, and it just won’t burn right. Here we will show you what makes good firewood good.

firewood trees

With prices for gas, oil and other combustible materials constantly rising, firewood appears to once again be on the rise as the main fuel for heating countryside and suburban homes, even in places, where central heating has been taken for granted for a very long time. However, firewood comes in a vast variety of forms. For someone with no experience, finding that particular batch that will provide enough heat to last the winter and not rot on the rack of fall prey to some other condition can be a truly daunting task. In this article, we will look at a few ways to make sure you take the most out of those several cords of former trees.

Proper seasoning

No, we won’t talk about salt or pepper here. When referring to firewood, seasoning means the process of drying the wood out so it will be “ready to burn”. All freshly felled trees contain about 50% water. While such green firewood may occasionally find its uses, the best firewood can only be dry. However, seasoning is a very slow process, and kiln-drying is rather expensive, so certain suppliers are prone to sell green wood, while saying it is seasoned. The simplest way to check if wood is properly seasoned is to use a firewood moisture meter – an easy to use electronic device. Properly seasoned wood should have 16-17% moisture. To check, split a piece down the middle and apply the device to the exposed surface. Most firewood moisture meter reviews have praised the device as effective and extremely helpful

firewood wood

Best trees for firewood

Many people ask which species of tree produces the best burning firewood. Although the best type of firewood is always seasoned, the species most acclaimed for producing the best firewood and mulch is the oak. Other contenders for the title of best firewood trees are ash, hard maple, hickory and a few other species. Slow growing trees like these produce the best firewood to burn. The fire is both hot and long-lasting. Other species, such as cedar, burn hot and fast, which makes them useful as kindling. Fast growing trees like silver maple are not a good choice for firewood due to the below average heat output.

trees for firewood

Best way to store firewood

Even if you collect the best wood for firewood, it won’t do you any good if the wood simply rots away or gets eaten by termites due to bad storage conditions. The best storing solution for any properly seasoned type of wood is usually a well-built firewood shed, with both good airflow and good protection from moisture and parasites. For indoor storage, a sturdy firewood rack is a must.

type of firewood


Do it yourself

If you plan to fell your own trees and season your own firewood, you will need appropriate tools. For maximum efficiency and speed, you will need a chainsaw. Determining the best chainsaw for cutting firewood is not easy, yet due to the tool’s inherent danger, one should take safety as well as power and easy operation into account. Currently, the STIHL brand chainsaws are the most popular on the market due to better materials and more powerful engines.

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