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Would You Choose to Pay Less Buying Firewood?

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When you order firewood, there are many factors to be considered, such as size, quality (green or seasoned), quantity, delivery, and, of course, price. Actually, you get what you pay for, as an old saying goes.

cord of wood

What Can Affect Firewood Prices?

There is a very important item to concern about when you buy firewood. This is a number of factors which can influence a quality and, accordingly, a price of it. These factors can be featured as the following:

  1. A quantity of firewood you order can influence its price: the more you buy, the less you pay.
  2. The size of the firewood will affect the price when your woodstove uses a smaller length of firewood than a standard size of 16’’ or 18’’. In this case the company will have to spend more time for processing and handling, so you may expect a higher price.
  3. You can pay more for seasoned wood than for green or freshly cut. The reason for it is that the company will have to spend more cost to store the wood for a long period.
  4. If you order some firewood, you should also consider its delivery. Firewood prices could be higher when this service is included.
  5. Market conditions will also affect the prices, especially the price of oil must be taken into consideration.
  6. Some companies offer extra services, such as stacking or splitting firewood for an additional fee. Think well whether you need it, or you just can do it on your own.

firewood cord

A Short Review of Possible Firewood Prices per Cord

The first thing you should know before buying firewood is considering a cord of firewood. It is a measure of volume of any stacked firewood. Actually, a cord is a name of a string used to measure a log pile. One cord equals 128 cubic feet or 3.6 m3. It can be a woodpile of 4 feet wide x 4 feet high x 8 feet long.

You will always have to use your common sense when buying some firewood. If firewood prices for cord measuring seem too low to be true, be aware of some negative factors that can influence it.

firewood splitting

Here you can see the most common prices for a cord of wood to be able to compare and consider other offers:

[table id=1 /]

In any case, if you consider some reasonable price of a cord of wood, a strong recommendation is to buy it from a reputable and approved company.

Why to Pay More?

If you can see that your cord of wood price is higher than you have expected due to the cost of processing suggested by a company, consider your ability to do such a simple job as splitting firewood on your own. All that you need for it is the following:

  • a good wood splitting ax;
  • a wood chopping clock;
  • a safety instruction;
  • a log store;
  • a stiff broom to tidy up with after your work is finished;
  • a container for firewood.

Actually, firewood splitting is a good exercise. It can also relieve a stress and make you calm down faster. To do this work efficiently, you need to keep in mind the following things:

  • be aware of your safety any time you do this job;
  • work on a firm surface;
  • try to process only dry firewood logs;
  • keep your ax sharp at all times;
  • have all the right tools ready for the job;
  • work in open spaces to be able to swing an ax;
  • use a maul to split “difficult” logs;
  • place a rubber tire around your wood chopping block to prevent your ax from being damaged;
  • work with log rounds of short length;
  • work from the outside of the log inwards.

splitting firewood

If splitting firewood of certain hardwood species seems rather difficult to you, use some mechanical solutions, such as an electric chain saw, or just apply to experts. Good luck to you with your firewood splitting, and have a nice time in front of your fireplace.

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