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Plant food for tortoises – the tortoise table

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If you have been searching for suitable food for your tortoise, then you need look no further. The TTT was formed when a group of tortoise keepers, after years of seeing the effects on tortoises fed on incorrect diets, decided that it was time to put together an in-depth database of plants, flowers and other food suitable for our chelonian friends to eat. Whether you keep tortoises, turtles, rainforest, arid or Mediterranean species, you will find — and hopefully learn — from this friendly and easy-to-use site which foods are good and which to avoid.

garden planting table


You may find that some plants, labeled as unsuitable, contain only small amounts of undesirable properties, and are therefore not life-threatening to your tortoise or turtle if they constitute only a small part of its diet. We hope to provide you with sufficient information for you to make an informed decision.

outdoor plant table


We strongly recommend the following precautions when trying anything new:º Make sure you have identified the plant correctly.

diy plant table


º Offer only small quantities of anything new in your tortoise’s diet.

º Be aware that many plants absorb chemicals and other properties that might be present in the soil (for example, fertilisers and insecticides) and that this could make an otherwise good plant unsuitable for your tortoise.

plant table


º Never feed any flowers, edible or otherwise, from a florist’s bouquet, as the flowers are usually grown in fertilised soil to encourage fast growth. Often other chemicals are added to encourage the flowers, when cut, to last for a longer length of time.

Any information provided on The Tortoise Table website is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, and if you suspect that your tortoise has had an adverse reaction to any food, veterinary advice should be sought immediately.

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