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Cheap metal sheds

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For low maintenance, good value garden storage Walton’s have a wide selection of metal sheds for sale. From smaller roller door metal storage units to large 20′ metal garages, there is sure to be a metal shed suitable for your garden in our range.

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Also available at Walton’s are a selection of the best metal sheds available from Yardmaster and Storemore.

steel garden sheds


A metal shed makes a great garden storage choice, as being constructed from toughened steel these metal sheds are fire-retardant, as well as practically rodent and pest-proof, making them good places to store seeds, compost or fertiliser. All of our metal sheds come with a minimum of a 10-year anti-rust penetration guarantee, giving you assurance that your metal shed will continually provide you with the garden storage that you require.

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A metal shed is a useful garden storage option, as metal sheds are generally a little cheaper than their wooden shed equivalents, and once erected, need little maintenance to keep them in good condition. Whilst a wooden shed needs to be treated with a wood preservative, a metal shed can simply be hosed down from time to time, and have any damp leaves swept away.

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Building a base for a metal shed is also easier than building a base for a wooden shed “ read our guide below for more details.

plastic garden storage sheds


If you would like an explanation of the differences between metal and wooden sheds, and the different shapes and sizes available, read our handy buying a shed guide.

Building a Base for a Metal Shed

Whilst creating a base for a metal shed is a little easier than for a wooden shed, you still need to consider where in your garden is the best place to site your metal shed, and what you will use as a foundation. Getting a suitable foundation in place will allow your metal shed to provide you with strong and secure garden storage for a number of years.

Siting Your Metal Shed

You will need to locate your metal shed in an area that does not suffer from water logging, and is clear from overhanging trees, bushes and other obstacles. Try to site your shed so that there is at least a foot of space all the way around it.

Base for a Metal Shed

Your base for your metal shed should be slightly larger than the footprint of the shed, ensuring that there is no overhang, and also helping to prevent splash back from rainwater and mud, keeping your metal shed clean from mud and grime. This can help extend the life of your metal shed.

For base materials, a solid concrete base is very effective, providing that it is level and flat. Anchor kits aiding you in securing your metal shed to concrete bases are available when purchasing your metal shed. If a cast concrete base is not possible, then concrete paving slabs are a slightly easier alternative.

A third, and much easier option is a Walton’s Eco Easy Shed Base, which is essentially a toughened plastic grid strong enough to support a metal shed, and available for sheds up to 12′ x 10′. The Eco Easy Shed Base should laid down on a level surface, whether it is grass, soil or concrete, and checked for evenness prior to filling the sections with pea gravel. By using gravel, the Eco Easy Base allows moisture to drain away easily, keeping your metal shed free from standing water.

Benefits of Metal Sheds

The main benefit of metal sheds is that they require no seasonal maintenance which reduces stress and hassel on you. The only time a metal shed would require maintenance is if the shed isn damaged in some way. To prevent this from occurring construct your metal shed in a clear area away from overhanging objects and trees.

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