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Outdoor wooden playhouses for kids

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Leland’s playhouses are special places for serious play. Leland’s playhouses are special places where hours of creative fun are just waiting to happen-hours of fun for your child. Play is serious business for young children, and each Leland’s playhouse is built with that in mind.

wooden childrens playhouse


Leland’s playhouses are quality buildings. We weren’t playing around when we designed and built these playhouses for kids. As an outdoor playhouse, these small buildings need to withstand the elements. We carefully construct these wooden playhouses using top-notch durable materials.

playhouse wooden


Leland’s playhouses are designed with many delightful features. Real windows that slide up and down. A front porch with a railing. A child-size front door. Gables on the roof. Real shingles. All of these features, and more, add to the charm and style of these adorable-but fully functional-playhouses. We even include an adult-size door so you have easy access too.

wooden playhouse


Leland’s playhouses come in a wide selection. Choose a Victorian Playhouse for your girls or Log Cottage Playhouse for your boys. Pick just the right color from our selection of 21 different colors of paint for the trim and siding. For the roof, would you prefer shingles or metal? If metal, what color? We have 21 colors of metal to choose from.

cool kids playhouses


Leland’s playhouses are affordable. We don’t want you to break the bank on a kid’s playhouse. We keep our prices as reasonable as we can, and on top of that, we offer a rent-to-own option. With rent-to-own, your child can start using his or her new playhouse as soon as you make the required down payment on the contract. After only 36 monthly payments, the playhouse is yours!

Join thousands of other satisfied Leland’s customers across Texas and order your child’s playhouse today.

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