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Kids party fun: kids birthday party ideas

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Party Planning

Try to start planning 6 weeks prior to the party. This much time isn’t absolutely necessary, but it will enable you to pull the party together at a relaxed pace. Plus, planning this far ahead will allow you to purchase party supplies as part of your regular shopping trips, instead of running all over town at the last minute. The biggest risk of waiting until the last minute is that some of your child’s friends may not be able to attend due to other commitments. More Party Planning Tips!

kids indoor ball pit


Games & Activities

Games, activities, and entertainment enliven a party, provide an opportunity for guests to interact, and become fun party memories. Successful party activities are a snap with a little advance planning and preparation. Find fun ideas for arrival activities, activity stations, arts & crafts, group activities, free play, entertainment, and closing activities. Party Games & Activities Ideas!

children's play place


Fun Food Food is a must-have for children’s parties, but a much lower priority for young guests than having fun. Keep the food for children’s parties simple and rely on kid-friendly favorites. Have a variety of snacks, such as crackers, cookies and fruit pieces, available during the party and then serve cake towards the end of the party. If the party is during meal time, have pizza delivered or make mac & cheese ahead of time. Fun Food Ideas!

play gym for 1 year old


Party Invitations

Buy or make fun invitations to go with your party theme. Involve your child with cutting, pasting, coloring, or applying stickers and stamps to the invitations. Send the invitations at least 2 weeks before the party to allow guests to hold the date. Request RSVPs by e-mail or phone one week before the party so you know how many guests are attending before you make your final purchases of party supplies. Party Invitation Ideas!

Party Decorations

Decorations add instant excitement to a party. Fortunately, a little creativity goes a long way and you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a fun and festive environment. One easy way to decorate is to purchase party ware consisting of matching plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths in a color or theme that suits the party. Add colorful balloons and streamers for high impact at low cost. Party Decoration Ideas!

Party Favors

Party favors are a nice way to thank guests for attending, reciprocate for their thoughtful presents, and send them on their way with a small gift from your party. A favor can be one higher cost item, such as a flashlight, coloring book, or yo-yo, or a collection of lower cost items, such as stickers, pencils and candy, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon. Party Favor Ideas!

Helpful Hints

Prioritize! There are so many fun things you can do, buy, and make for your child’s party that the party can sometimes become bigger and fancier than it really needs to be. This means extra work, extra cost, and probably less fun for all those involved in making the party happen. Focus on the things that are key to the party fun and most important to your child. When in doubt, put your effort into games and activities, instead of food and decorations. More Helpful Hints!

Ages & Stages

Your child’s age can determine the type of party he or she will enjoy. 1-2 year olds often do best with short parties in a familiar location. 3-5 year olds usually enjoy playing with other children, but may still be most comfortable with a small group in a familiar location. 6-9 year olds are often social and adventurous and may enjoy an outing to the movies, bowling alley or other entertainment venue. Tweens and teens usually have distinct ideas about what is cool and what is not so be sure to involve them in party planning. Favorite Parties by Age!

Parties for Boys & Girls

If the party is going to be attended by both girls and boys, choose a theme that will work well for both genders. A Princess Party isn’t going to fly with most male guests, but a Princess and Knight Party will be hit. Other party themes that work well for both girls and boys include Jungle Safari, Circus, Carnival, Movie, Bowling and Mini-Golf. Parties for Girls & Boys!

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