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Cruising around in the little tikes 4-in-1 sports edition trike – sugar, spice and family life

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I have received this product from MGA as part of their toy tester program.

My daughter loves playing and being outside. Thankfully the temperature is cooler soВ we are enjoying being outside even more now. I try to keep my child active and I am always looking forВ moreВ ways to do that. I was thrilled when I received the opportunity to review a Little Tikes 4-in-1 Sports Edition Trike. The trike has four different stages that grows with the child from 9 months old to over three years old.

little tikes swimming pool


My husband usually assembles everything but I decided I wanted to assemble the trike. I took the parts out of the box and it didn’t look like it was going to be too hard. It probably took me around 45 minutes to assemble with my toddler “helping”.

little tikes activity


The trike came together nicely and I was happy with the quality. I especially loved the adjustable sunshade to protect little ones from the sun. It also came with nice features for parents. It has a storage bag at the handlebars and a storage bucket at the bottom. There is also a parking brake and cup holder. I actually wasn’t paying attention and installed the cup holder upside down. I didn’t even bother to fix it since I don’t carry around drinks with me.

The trike should be used in stage 1 for babies 9 months and older. In stage 1, babies are buckled in the five point harness and there is a waist bar around them for security. They also have a foot rest for comfort.В Babies are basically just relaxing and getting pushed around by an adult in stage 1.

In stage 2 for children 12 months and older, the waist bar can be removed. The foot rest can either be pushed back or removed too. In this stage, little ones can put their feet on the pedals and pedal along as there parents push the trike.

In stage 3 for ages 18 months and older, the child can steer the trike to change directions. The seat harness can also be removed. Once children are able to pedal and steer on their own, they can move up to stage 4. In stage 4, the parent steering column and handles are removed. The child can ride the trike all by themselves.

We are currently using the trike in stage 3 for my two year old. The trike has been a great teaching toolВ for teaching herВ how to pedal and steer. When we are pushing her, the pedals are turning so she is pedaling along. Then when we turn, her handlebars turn so she is learning how to steer in directions. It seems like the trike keeps her more entertained since she is moving along with it. The trike fits her great except for the sunshade. She is tall for her age so she is getting close to needing it taken off. She is very good when we are pushing her around. She stays on the seat and isn’t a jumperВ so we decided to remove the seat harness. Now she can get in and out of the trike herself. If she isn’t sitting in the trike, then she wants to push it around by the parent handlebars instead. Everyone has been enjoying using the Little Tikes 4-in-1 Sports Edition Trike and we look forward to using it for a few more years until she outgrows it.

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