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9 unique kids playhouse options for imaginative youngsters

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Kids love having their own version of things that adults have, and that includes houses. A kids playhouse provides children with their own little house and space to play and use their imaginations. With imagination, even the most simple playhouse can be a mansion if they so choose. They can play ‘house’ in a traditional cottage, get cozy in a teepee, or sail the high seas in a pirate ship playhouse.

little tikes sweetheart playhouse


When choosing a playhouse, consider how much space you have and what materials work for your situation. Traditional wooden playhouses are attractive and classic, but can be difficult to move, while a plastic or collapsible playhouse is more portable and can be used indoors or out. If space is a consideration, collapsible playhouses can be easily stored. Whatever kids playhouse you choose, it’s sure to provide your child with endless hours of active fun.

little tikes barbie playhouse


  • UniqueВ Kids Playhouse Options
  • 1.В Step2 Clubhouse Climber
  • TheВ Step2 Clubhouse ClimberВ is a super cool playhouse for children. It has tons of fun options that will provide hours and hours of active, imaginative play time. The playhouse portion features a window, skylight, and a steering wheel. From the playhouse extends a bridge in to the lookout tower. Cross the bridge to the tower and slide down one of the two slides and climb back up using the sure-grip hand rails. Even the underneath of this playhouse is fun; hide in the hide-out area of play in the crawl-through tunnel. This huge playhouse/ playset is great for kids over two.

    little tikes indoor playhouse


    2.В ECR4Kids Buccaneer Boat with Pirate Flag

    Ahoy Matey! Kids can set sail for some fun on the high seas with theВ ECR4Kids Buccaneer Boat with Pirate Flag. Designed for little buccaneers, ages two to six, this fun pirate ship features a colorful boat with pirate flag, anchor, and moveable wheel. There’s even a parrot because you’re not really a pirate if you don’t have a parrot. This is a great addition to any indoor or outdoor play area.

    3.В Playhut Luxury House

    Parents and kids will both love theВ Playhut Luxury House. Kids will love it because it looks cool and has lots of space to play in. The kids playhouse itself is five feet and then there is the attached screened in room for even more space. All of that space can hold up to ten kids! It also includes ‘house’ accessories like a refrigerator, В stove, and even a toy box to store more items; they are all collapsible, just like the playhouse. Parents will love this huge playhouse because they won’t have to keep it up all of the time. It’s super easy and fast to put up and take down, and takes up very little storage space.

    4.В KidKraft Outdoor Kids Playhouse

    TheВ KidKraft Outdoor Kids PlayhouseВ will make an adorably charming addition to any backyard, and the kiddos will love to play in their own little house. It is constructed of weather resistant wood and the roof is made of plastic, so this playhouse should last for several years. The door and windows open and close and it’s roomy enough for more than one child to play at once. Inside, there’s a toy sink with hot and cold handles. There’s even a mailbox to send and receive messages. This playhouse does require some assembly and ships with detailed assembly instructions. Total assembly time is estimated at two to four hours.

    5.В Pericorss Kids Teepee

    When you think of playhouses a teepee may not be the first thing to come to mind, but theВ Pericorss Kids TeepeeВ makes a perfect kids playhouse. Bamboo wooden poles provide sturdy support for the striped canvas. There’s even a little window. This teepee is surprisingly spacious, the bottom is 48° by 48° and it stands 60° tall. This teepee would work great in a child’s bedroom or playroom, or even outdoors on a nice day.

    6.В Little Tikes Cape Cottage

    TheВ Little Tikes Cape CottageВ has the look and feel of a traditional wooden playhouse, but is conveniently made of plastic so that it’s lightweight and easier to maintain. Kids will love that it resembles a real house with charmingВ modern windows, arched doors, and brick details. This contemporary design also features two working doors, windows with shutters, a mail slot, and a flag holder. This adorable playhouse is sure to provide hours of imaginative play.

    7.В Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse

    Because of its clever open design, parents can keep a close eye on playtime when kids play inside theВ Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse. Play time should be entertaining to watch because this is a fully outfitted playhouse with lots of features. The exterior is decked out with a mailbox, doorbell, and flower box that can hold real or fake flowers. Pass through the swinging door and kids can can wash up in the sink, sit at the kitchen table and enjoy the fireplace, have (pretend) conversations on the phone, and organize toys and item on the kitchen shelves. It even has a floor with drain holes for outdoor use. It does require some very simple assembly.

    8.В Truedays Kids Outdoor Indoor Big Tent Playhouse

    TheВ Truedays Kids Outdoor Indoor Fun Play Big Tent PlayhouseВ is another fun kids playhouse that doesn’t have to be a permanent structure. It’s convenient pop-up design means it’s incredibly easy to set up, take down, and it takes up very little space to store. It’s sturdy and surprisingly large for a pop-up playhouse and the waterproof floor is great for outdoor use. This portable playhouse is fun and colorful and has two entrances with roll down flaps for doors. Fill it with these Phthalate/BPA free plastic play balls and turn it into a ball pit!

    9.В Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset

    TheВ Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby PlaysetВ is an engaging little playhouse for little ones ages 6 months to 36 months in mind. The playhouse design keeps baby safe while playing in an enclosed area. It has several playhouse features like a swinging door and windows that open and close. There are also tons of fun activities to engage little ones and improve motor skills and problem solving skills while keeping them completely entertained. There’s a crawl-through archway, shape sorter mailbox, look-through telescope, play panel, mini-piano and more.

    A kids playhouse provides a space for children to play and exercise their imaginations. Share your favorite playhouses in the comments below!

    Feature image courtesy of Flickr,В kismihok.

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