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Playhouse reviews: little tikes endless adventures tikes town

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My Experience with the Little Tikes PlayhouseI have had the chance to see children playing around this house more than once. I realized that this is indeed a catchy toy. I love the fact that it offers many children the possibility to play at the same time inside or outside the building, so no one is left aside. Also, the fact that they can do a bunch of things together encourages children to continue playing around the house for a long time. However, I did notice that the basketball hoop is not for everyone; small children will not be able to master it, but they can have fun trying.

little tikes endless adventures


I have never seen any children get hurt while playing in the house, and I can assure you that there is actually no way for them to get injured as the construction is sturdy. I have even seen children crawl in and out the opening a bunch of times, with no difficulty at all. I really like the sturdiness of the structure, which does not even budge when children are escaping through the window.

little tikes home & garden playhouse


I noticed the fact that the children are more attracted by the accessories such as the gas pump and the table, rather than the house and walls. As I said, there is room for improvements and, if you like getting creative yourself, you can use some plastic paints to make the walls brighter and more appealing to children. It will not cost much and it will offer you the opportunity to have the house in the colors that you and your kids love. You will be able to emphasize the shapes and objects that are molded into the walls, which are already nicely finished and detailed, except they lack the right paint. It will not cost much and you will probably make your children proud of you. You can even add a bunch of other cool and simple accessories inside the house if you like it to be noisy and alight.

little tikes adventure playhouse


I can say that this Little Tikes toy offers you the opportunity to prepare your kids for the real life, providing you the right context to explain them about school, what gas is used for, how to handle money, what banking refers to and how to do shopping responsibly.

little tikes plastic playhouse


One more thing that I like about this outdoor playhouse is that it eliminates the need to purchase an ordinary stand-alone basketball hoop stand that will always tip off and irritate both you and the children.

Bottom LineEven if your child is already accustomed to playing with toy houses, I strongly recommend you to buy this Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playhouse for him, as it is nothing like the bunch of other houses I have ever seen; your kid will definitely appreciate its novelty and endless role play possibilities. Although it is not necessarily cheap, it is a toy that your child will enjoy for many years, so I think it is definitely worth the price.

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