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How to maintain swiftdeck interlocking patio tiles

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Since we haven’t tested the full range of oils/sealers available, we do not provide specific recommendations on products that could be used, but based on the respective manufacturer’s product data as well as ease of availability from local retail outlets, we suggest that some products you may wish to consider would include:

interlocking outdoor flooring


  • В» PPG Olympic Maximum Semi Transparent Stain
  • В» Flood CWF – UV Penetrating Oil Finish
  • В» Penofin Penetrating Oil Finish
  • В» Behr Weatherproofing Wood Sealer
  • В» Messmers’s UV Plus for Hardwood Decks
  • В» Defy – Deck Stain for Hardwoods
  • Further applications of decking oil or sealant should be undertaken at regular intervals depending on the degree of exposure of your deck to direct sunlight, local climatic conditions and the recommendations of the manufacturer of the decking oil/sealant used.

    outdoor interlocking tiles


    Under certain climatic conditions, you may notice the surface of the wood slats develops a slight concave profile across the width of slats. This phenomenon will normally occur when the underside of the tiles remain damp e.g. after a period of rainfall and the top surface is then exposed to hot sunlight. Since wood is a natural product, this occurs because the wood slats expand more on the underside due to uptake of moisture than the top surface where both the heat of the sun and/or any decking oil which may have been applied, can reduce the absorption of moisture. When the moisture content of the underside and the surface are in equilibrium, this slight cupping should disappear.

    interlocking outdoor tiles


    This same phenomenon can also give rise to some expansion and contraction of the completed deck, which can be noticeable particularly across the width of large deck and where all tiles are laid with slats pointing in the same direction.

    outdoor interlocking flooring


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