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Outdoor rugs – green decore

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A great kitchen with a fabulous ambiance is every homemaker’s delight. Kitchen spaces created with great concepts go a long way in increasing the efficiency of homemakers, be it in any part of the world. As a homemaker, I really dread working in a dull looking and theme less kitchen,congested with a lot of things. I am sure, most people reading this would agree with the fact that good cooking requires its occupant to be in a good frame of mind and the setting and ambiance of their kitchens have evident effects on their culinary outputs!

black outdoor carpet


When it comes to designing kitchens, most of us ponder a lot on selecting great furniture, latest appliances and gadgets. However, we often tend to underestimate the importance of great kitchen rugs while decorating the very space where we spend almost 40% of our time every day! In fact, I would say, one should think of buying a good washable kitchen rug before buying anything else. Fabulous kitchen rugs play an important role in any kitchen, whether big or small. All it needs is some innovative thinking on the part of the homemaker. Let me share some experiences and a few ideas here.

green indoor outdoor carpet


Comfort: Classy tiles, hardwood and several flooring options bring elegance but working long hours on such hard substrates leaves you with awfully aching feet at the end of the day ” isn’t it? That’s when you wish you had a fluffy carpet in the kitchen. However, natural fibre carpet that soaks up water may not be the rightest choice for kitchen spaces. Green Decore polypropylene plastic rugs have many plus points here:

outdoor patio carpet


The hollow filaments of this rug provide soothing cushioning effect to feet

Plastic Rugs are bad conductors of thermal energy; so when it is cold outside, the rug feels warmer and vice versa.

outdoor green carpet


This is a light weight rug which rolls up easily and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner within half the time needed by the carpets in my other rooms and I have the liberty to wash it with my regular household detergent.

Polypropylene rugs are absolutely stain resistant and hence perfectly suitable for my kitchen.

And here’s a point you never thought of ” Plastics are also bad conductors of electricity, so you have a greater safety while working with the electrical appliances in your kitchen.


There is always a scope to do something better in any kitchen, no matter, whether big or small. Your innovative ideas will help you creating spaces and atmosphere within your kitchen. How about creating a dining atmosphere in one of the corners? For this, place a striped rug in the lesser congested corner of your kitchen and then have all your dining table, chairs and delicate but rarely used crockery shifted there. This helps de-congesting some parts of your kitchen and will add a few stars to it, as well!

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