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Porcelain tiles for outdoor installation

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T_20 is the perfect solution to clad outdoor areas of residential and commercial venues.Thanks to its excellent technical and aesthetic features, T_20 covers outdoor venues with a safe material that maintains its characteristics unaltered over time. Depending on the different needs and destinations of use, the material can be installed in various ways: raised installation onto polypropylene supports, dry installation onto grass and gravel, traditional adhesive installation

tiles for outdoor use



º Possibility to house irrigation pipes and/or cables.

º concealed plants and drainages systems but easy to inspect at all times.

º Easy access for maintenance and replacements of water-proofing sheaths.

º Easy drainage of water (the joints between adjacent slabs are not grouted).

º Better acoustic insulation and protection from the heat of the sun. º Easy cleaning also using hydro-pressure cleaners.

large outdoor tiles


º Installation onto supports with no need for adhesives with reduced costs and times.

º Opportunity for continuous effect floors, completely planar.

º Opportunity to adjust levels using the various available supports with fixed or adjustable height.

º Avoiding the problems associated with subsidence of constructions or detachment of tiles as the slabs are not glued.

º Lower load on terraces.

º The material can be removed, replaced and reused elsewhere at any time..


º Quick and easy installation that does not require the intervention of specialised technicians.

º Easy drainage of water

º The material can be removed and replaced at any time without requiring masonry works.

º Avoiding the problems associated with subsidence.

  • º Avoiding the detachment of tiles.
  • º Reduced costs and times of installation.
  • º creation of carriageable surfaces using large size slabs.

  • º Resistant to high traffic stress.
  • º Stain resistant.
  • º Easy to clean also using hydro-cleaners.

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