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A Few Unbeatable and Exotic Ideas for Gazebo Decorations

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This review shall introduce you to modern gazebo design ideas, which can be applied either by professional designers, or by beginners.

gazebo decorations for weddings

Japanese Gazebo

A Japanese style gazebo is a beautifully simple pavilion, perfect for a summer retreat in a spacious corner of your garden. The roof is usually rectangular; it can be a tetragon, a hexagon, or an octagon. You can come across the name of Azumaya. It is just another name for the Japanese gazebo. It reflects Azumaya algebra used in construction of Japanese homes.

The Japanese Gazebo Plans and Design

Most bamboo gazebo suppliers today offer various designs to choose from. More than that, you can mix the designs: for example, take a roof from one style and add railing of another. The main thing you need to understand is the purpose of your gazebo. Are you going to hold a tea party for two people there, or you plan to use it as a wedding decoration, or as a spa retreat, etc.

The main rule goes: a gazebo with a square of 8 feet can provide shelter for 2 people. Each further 2 feets mean two more persons to be seated.

gazebo decorations

A good way of seeing how bamboo gazebo plans are going to be settled in your garden, is taking a few railings and a piece of string and landscaping your intended design physically.

Gazebo Decorations for Weddings

Gazebos are leaders in wedding ideas of decorations, especially if the wedding is held in summer. And really, what can compare with a beautifully decorated with flowers, green leaves, balloons and shells gazebo, where a bride and a groom can be easily seen from practically any angle of the garden?

Designers suggest using seasonal flowers so that you stay in frame of a reasonable budget. Flowers can be fixed on wires, or put into small decorative baskets.

If your wedding is planned for fall, you can still use a decorated gazebo. Autumn leaves are really beautiful decorations, especially if combined with stylish flower compositions, or laces of orange and yellow, and bells.

japanese gazebo

Large Floral Gazebo

If you are thinking of building a Mai Tiki bamboo gazebo, beware that these designs can be not actually of bamboo, but of light metal instead. Some people noted that the horizontal poles near the top were not secured and could easily fall down.

But creating a beautiful tropical interior with flowers and fruits is a nice way of raising your spirits.

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