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An Easy Way To A Better Camping Experience

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Adding a stylish and functional camping gazebo to your camping set is a great way to further enhance any campout.

camping gazebo

If you are reading this, chances are you’re no stranger when it comes to camping. We all have a pretty good idea of the basic set of camping gear: a tent of two, some sleeping bags, some kind of portable stove or grill, a heavy-duty cooler, lots of food, a couple of lanterns, something to start a fire with, etc. Some people enjoy communing with nature on a more personal level and rough it out with the bare essentials, while others want to take as much modern comfort as possible with them. If you are one of the latter, or just want your camping site a bit more streamlined, then consider adding a camping gazebo to your gear.

Types of camping gazebo

gazebo screen

There are two types of gazebo for camping: the canopy (open or screened) and the screenhouse.

  1. The canopy is the most basic form of camping gazebo shelter and usually consists of a canvas or vinyl sheet stretched over a steel frame to form a roof supported by 4 or more “legs”. Canopies are cheaper, airier and easier to set up, but lack the stability and protection of screenhouses.
  2. The screenhouse, or screen tent is the more expensive type of camping gazebo with sides. It usually takes the shape of a tall tent with screened walls, zippered door flaps, and a floor, providing good stability against wind and good protection against insects or other unwelcome airborne objects like leaves, while also offering good airflow.

Advantages of gazebo camping

screened gazebo kits

A properly set up canopy or screenhouse can easily become the aesthetic centerpiece of ant campsite. For a large campout, the ideal option would be two screenhouses – one larger, one smaller. The first should house a picnic table and several chairs and serve as the dining room and lounge. The second can be used as storage for food, unused gear and other supplies. Place a table in the center to have it also serve as a kitchen.

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