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Be your own architect, or how to design your own gazebo

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Do you want to design your own gazebo? Stay tuned, the following article will highlight various gazebo design ideas.

gazebo design ideas

Decisions, decisions

Whether you are going to build your own gazebo from scratch, put it together by using a prefabricated kit, or build it with the help of a specialist, you will have to choose a specific design for it.

Among a number of free gazebo plans and designs, you may choose from such as:

  • Hexagon and octagon gazebo designs – these are the most classic of all shapes, usually featuring double roof.
  • Oval and Rectangular gazebo designs – perfect for hosting of parties and other gatherings, as they will give you the maximum square footage for that purpose.

So many options to choose from

gazebo roof designs

Building a gazebo is almost like building a house – you have so many options of gazebo roof designs, materials and various additional features. For example, if you want your gazebo to be tough as nails, you may want to check out some iron gazebo designs.

By choosing this option, you will have a very solid, durable, yet highly portable structure. Gazebo made out of metal, is more affordable than its wooden counterpart. The diversity of metal gazebos makes it possible to construct whatever design you may think of.

When deciding to go with steel, you will have several options to pick from:

  • Iron or wrought iron
  • Steel or galvanized steel
  • Aluminum

gazebo wedding ideas

However, many people give their preference to wood, because it is stylish, elegant and it blends in well with the surroundings. Another great feature of wood used in the construction, is that it is pressure treated and could last for ages. For example, if you have a hot tub, then picking one of many wooden hot tub gazebo designs will be the right choice: your hut tub will be protected from the elements and will be able accommodate you with a wide range of amenities.

And if you have a pool, browse the internet to check out a number of pool gazebo designs – you will be amazed by the amount of options available. By having a pool gazebo, you will be able to invite your guests to a pool party, and then relax and hang back by sipping on some drinks.

Make your own custom gazebo designs

pool gazebo designs

If you really want to create your own custom designed gazebo, you may use gazebo design software. With the help of the software you will be able to correctly calculate all of your expenses and the exact amount of needed materials. By using such software you will be able to create any of the backyard gazebo designs: contemporary gazebo designs or modern gazebo designs, it is up to your creativity and imagination.

In order to give yourself some inspiration, you should check out some free gazebo designs and plans, along with gazebo designs pictures to get your imagination all pumped-up and be ready to create.

A word of advice: when looking for gazebo design software, you will need to realize what kind of budget you have. Such design software could cost anywhere from $20 and go up to $300 and more. Figuring out exactly how much you are willing to spend on such software should be done before you even decide to search for one. Free software may not be suitable for more complex designs, and could be lacking certain key options.

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