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Gazebo Bird Feeder: A Wonderful Decoration for Your Garden

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Probably, every owner of a cosy garden dreams about beautiful summerhouse where he can enjoy nice views.

gazebo bird feeders

Also you can decorate your garden with a beautiful gazebo style bird feeder. Such feeder will give your feathery visitors a comfortable place to hide from rain and other unfavorable weather conditions. Any bird can feel quite at home there.

Types of Bird Feeding Houses

Bird houses may be of different sizes, forms and colors. Most of them may be installed in two ways. Many gazebo feeders have hanging hooks which make it possible to place them on the branches. Other feedboxes may be installed on special mounting posts. Some bird houses may be installed in both ways. Gazebo bird feeders are made of wood mainly, with wooden or metal roofs. One of the best materials for gazebo bird house construction is Spanish cedar. It is one of the most durable hardwoods in the world. You should pay your attention to gazebo feeders with such roof types:

  • Those, made of pine
  • Those, made of copper
  • Green roofs decorated with flowers

A coppertop roof will give better and longer protection than that made of wood. The roof of bird feeder gazebo must be painted with non-toxic water-based paint. Roofing with handicraft flowers images can attract more and more songbirds.

Little bird houses can attract most small songbirds from your backyard. There are also large gazebo bird feeders which may attract such bigger birds as starlings and blue jays. Large feedboxes contain bigger amounts of seed and many birds may use the sanctuary simultaneously.

gazebo bird feeder

If you dream to design a unique gazebo style bird house, you can make your wish come true with the help of free gazebo bird feeder plans. A free woodworking plan can provide you with step by step instruction and the list of necessary details and tools.

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